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About the Author

My name is Timothy Casey. I was born in the midst of the cold war when computers occupied large rooms and semi-conductor technology was still new. I grew up with a life on the move, and have lived in four Australian capital cities: Canberra, Sydney, Melbourne, and Adelaide. I spent my teens with the ever looming threat of fascism, albeit in the guise of "Socialism", "Communism", and the American style of "Democracy" that allows politicians to be flagrantly bought out by "campaign contributions". What can I say? George Orwell, author of "1984", was right about the political aspects of language.

I think that one of the problems facing many people, is the fact that information isn't purely true or false, but often the verity of information is unknown until facts are brought to bear. Information verity can also be indeterminate where evidence is either ambiguous or contradictory. In such cases, the solution is not in finding more evidence for or against the verity of the information in question but seeking evidence by which the context of that information may be determined and used to redefine the the problem thereby giving meaning to the evidence. This has proven to be a pitfall for researchers in Quantum Mechanics, Climatology, Psychology, and Endocrinology.



I began programming with machine code on a Texas Instruments computer with very simple hardware architecture back in 1977, moved onto Basic in 1979, and adopted Visual Basic in 1997. I've also taken on HTML & CSS as web development languages. A fondness for rocks, minerals, and particularly gemstones was acquired in 1978 and lead to the streamlining of my studies to focus firstly on the sciences and then on geology. I graduated with honours from the University of Melbourne in 1996 after many turbulent years of juggling the time required to provide a living and the time required to study. Since graduating, I've worked in the petroleum industry as a chip logger ("mud logger"), a well site geologist, and as a drilling supervisor ("company man"). Professionally, I have lived what some may call a double life of running a business in one discipline while working for industry in an entirely different discipline.

At present, I am developing a linguistic algorithm upon which to build a scientific IQ test that uses quaternary logic (NEW, TRUE, FALSE, VAGUE outcomes) in the context of critical thinking. This is to be based on a successive expansion of complexity in grammatically limited verbal logic (GLVL) used to test the examinee, incorporating strategic fallacy constructions (both emotive and deceptive), source validation, interpretation of data, information hierarchy (including well-formed hierarchies, generational mixing mechanisms, reciprocal analysis, and networks), recursion, and proof of solutions on request. The objective here is to take intelligence testing from unrepeatable tests of purely theoretical problem solving, to repeatable tests of more practical problems with a closer relationship to the typical problems we face on a day to day basis.



My philosophy is equitable individualism. This is the idea that regulation beyond that, which prevents any individual such excess of liberty as to infringe upon the reasonable expectations (rights) of another, constitutes a form of consummate evil; and thus that no evil is ever done unless someone's interest is harmed. The philosophy is not unique to me but is embraced by every proponent of liberty and freedom. My perspective on equitable individualism owes much of it's deepening to my closest and dearest friend. I do not name her for she is more than a meagre name that says precious little of who she is. Perhaps this stornello may say something more.

Oh wild Rose in all your colour and gentle splendour
Your very being makes the dawn song of the nightingale your own
Yet no pose in Spring furore does your petal render

I may not have kept my religion, but her compassionate being kept safe my faith. The continuation of my expression on this philosophical horizon is due to her.

I have come to believe that Humanity's greatest achievements come exclusively from people doing their own thing and not just building someone-else's dream. I do not subscribe to the neo-fascist obligation ex nihilo that is, in my observation, so very typical of fundamentalism & other variations of causist pseudo-religion. I am yet to be convinced that I am obliged to even find the "right" religion. After all I don't remember agreeing to a contract prior to being born.

As I understand it, religion comprises the diverse individual contemplation of the spiritual journey often using a body of literature as a guide. Therefore I believe that there is no "right" religion but the faith of the individual. Beyond this, I am prone to expect proof without any appeal to:


I also expect an extraordinary religion to:

I am yet to find a religion that complies to such standards. In case you haven't guessed, I am no longer a Baha'i and live a life dedicated to conscience; above and beyond the authority of any putatively religious cause. Those interested in why I am no longer a Baha'i are welcome to follow this link, but beyond this I am trying to live outside the "anti-religion-X" role.

In any case, I publish to the web in a number of subjects including geology, web design, speed reading, and software development. This site seems an appropriate place for the publication of commentary that is more personal in nature, such as philosophy, theology, psychology, sociology, and politics.